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At MAD Auto Detailing, we believe in experiences. thats why we offer our detailing products to you in our store! theres no secret when it comes to detailing. your ride should have the ability to look its best whether its freshly detailed, or just hanging out at a car show. we offer the best products from microfiber Madness, CarPro-US, and P&S Chemicals. let the sleek looks keep shining!

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Tips and Tricks

CarPro Reload

Use carpro reload as a top coat for your coated vehicle, simply spray on after drying and buff off. leaves a slick and protective coating with lots of longevity!

P&S Brake Buster

Use Brake Buster as an all in one wheel and tire cleaner, simply spray on and let sit. agitate with a soft brush and rinse off. the non acid cleaner is perfect for any finish!

P&S Pearl Shampoo

our favorite all purpose shampoo for all applications, use 2oz in a bucket or a foam cannon and let it fly. coating safe and eco friendly. spray on and rinse off!

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M.A.D Auto Detailing is your full service Detailing expert located in Central NJ

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